Air Fried Bacon Strips – Quick & Easy

Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe: Another snack food that uses an air fryer is the Easy Bacon Strips Recipe. Once you start frying bacon in your air fryer, you’ll always want to utilize this method to prepare bacon. Air Fryer Bacon is a simple and quick way to make the greatest crispy bacon!

Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe – Ingredients, Preparation & Nutrition Facts

What’s better than perfectly crisped bacon in the morning? Gone are the days of cautiously standing over a hot pan while grease splatters at you. With your air fryer, you’re just minutes away from delicious strips of evenly cooked bacon every time!


Cooking Method

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Cooking Difficulty
AmericanAir Fryer, GrillingFall, WinterEasy

Did You Know?

Bacon – a breakfast fan favourite dates back all the way to 1500 BC in China!

Making its appearance for the first time thousands of years ago in China, bacon has since then passed through many cultures to become our breakfast favourite.

Air Fryer Bacon Strips Recipe

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If you want to make a quick and easy Bacon Strips Recipe with no mess. The best way to continue is to make air fryer bacon. You can get crispy, perfectly cooked bacon for breakfast in about 12 minutes.


  • 8 slices 8 sugar-free bacon


  • Place bacon strips into the air fryer basket.
  • Adjust the temperature to 400°F and set the timer for 12 minutes.
  • After 6 minutes, flip bacon and continue cooking time.
  • Serve warm.

Nutrition Facts

1 servings per container

Serving Size6 servings

  • Amount Per ServingCalories88
  • % Daily Value *
  • Total Fat 6.2g 10%
    • Sodium 355mg 15%
    • Total Carbohydrate 0.2g 1%
      • Dietary Fiber 0.0g 0%
      • Sugars 0.0g
    • Protein 5.8g 12%

      * The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

      What ingredients are in Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe?

      Only one ingredient Sugar-free bacon is required to make these quick and easy bacon strips.

      How much time will take to Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe

      The Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe takes only 12 minutes to prepare.

      How many calories in Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe

      Each serving of Banana Nut Cake Recipe has just 88k calories.

      Can I use air fryer to prepare Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe

      Yes, you can make the Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe in an air fryer; in fact, the recipe instructs you to do so.

      Is Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe healthy?

      Bacon strips are not particularly nutritious. Because they are low in vitamins and minerals, they should be held for exceptional occasions rather than a normal component of your diet.

      How to make Quick and Easy Bacon Strips Recipe?

      To learn how to make Easy Bacon Strips, as well as the cooking time and ingredients, consult the above-mentioned recipescard.


      Quick and Easy Bacon Strips, we use it in every meal, from breakfast to dinner. Try these Bacon Strips for your kids’ or family’s evening snacks. For more interesting recipes follow our recipescard twitter account.

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